Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heart #32 goes to...Greenies Pill Pockets

Heart #32 goes to...Greenies Pill Pockets!  Starting today my little furry best friend needs to take medication for an enlarged heart :(  I found a pamphlet at the vet's office for Greenies Pill Pockets and headed straight to the pet store.  Past experiences with medication have shown that my dog does not like pills.  I have hidden the pills in all sorts of food and he somehow manages to eat around the tablet, swallow the food and spit out the pill.  This product worked just fine.  I've always trusted the Greenies company for good quality products and once again they delivered.  The pockets are made with real beef and they are really soft with a hole on one side.  You stick the pill inside and squeeze together the top until it closes.  Needless to say, he loved it and no pill was spit out.  This is a must for all of you pet lovers who have to administer medication!  There is also a second size that fits capsules.


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Kris (Good Steward) said...

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Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and this pill pocket idea is great! Now they need something for babies to disguise liquid vitamins. LOL

I am Harriet said...

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Great idea!
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Alice said...

I always wondered if these worked. Unfortunately I can't use them because of Barney's allergies. I use peanutbutter on the roof of his mouth to give pills. You take some pb and push the pill in then mush it onto the roof of the mouth. They have to lick back so the pill goes down no problem. My vet said mashed potatoes work too.