Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart #7 goes to...Vera Bradley pocketbook

Heart #7 goes to my Vera Bradley pocketbook in the Imperial Toile pattern.  This is the latest addition to my collection, we'll get into the others later.  I love it because it's small enough so that I won't fill it with too many things, but big enough so that I can carry all the important things.  It has two wraparound pockets on the outside.  I like to keep my cell phone and keys in those pockets because it's convenient and easy to get to.  The bag goes for $48.  A woman in the store told me that she had no problem removing the insert in the bottom of the bag and throwing the bag in the washing machine.  It came out clean and good as new!


Alice said...

Hi Christina
Daniella told me about this's like the Daily Candy. I look forward to seeing all your fabulous finds. Alice

Christina hearts said...

Thanks Alice! Enjoy!