Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heart #6 goes to...Lindsay Phillips ballet flats

Heart #6 goes to Lindsay Phillips ballet flats with interchangeable snaps.  These flats are so comfortable that you'll feel like you're walking on clouds.  They sell for about $64 dollars and the snaps are $12 each.  Currently the website offers black and gold flats.  The link above takes you directly to the website where you can choose from 30 different interchangeable snaps.  I'm adding two pictures of the snaps that I bought.
The "Ila" snap.
The "Danielle" snap

A cute website called Kokimo offers the flat in bronze, which I bought, and looks great with the Danielle snap.


Daniella said...

I thought it was Danielle snap because of me - ha! love love love my lindsey thomas, oh I mean lindsey philips flats. Wore mine today - not sure you've been able to wear yours with the weather but you'll love them!!!! What a fun day in Naples that was.

Kokimo said...

Thank you so much for the referral to my site! The Lindsay Phillips are the best!