Monday, April 26, 2010

Heart #75 goes to...Mini Spring Cupcakes by Williams Sonoma

Heart #75 goes to...Mini Spring Cupcakes by Williams Sonoma!  Maybe it's the rain outside that makes me wish for pretty spring cupcakes or maybe it's the dentist appointment I have in two hours.  I always want sweets right before visiting the dentist because I know they will tell me to stay away from them. 

Here are your choices...

  • vanilla frosted with either vanilla or strawberry buttercream

  • Belgian milk chocolate with milk chocolate frosting

  • lemon with lemon-infused white chocolate frosting
You get 24, six of each flavor, for $49.95.  They are shipped frozen and require anywhere from 1-3 hours before you can enjoy them!


Seattle Kim D said...

Those look adorable and delicious but talk about over-priced. I could make these for $3. I should really go into business, haha. :)

Christina's Hearts said...

I like to call the price tag "weight control". If they weren't so expensive, I would buy them and eat them all!!