Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heart #69 goes to...Ultimate Taco Starter by Williams Sonoma

Heart #69 goes to...Ultimate Taco Starter by Williams Sonoma!  As you all know, I am a big fan of Williams Sonoma.  I love to browse the store any chance I get and I love their starter products.  I have blogged about their Meatloaf Starter, their Sloppy Joe Starter and now this.  Once again I wasn't disappointed with the product.  I used ground turkey instead of beef, one jar of the starter, shredded cheese, taco shells, sour cream, tomatoes and salsa and dinner was fast, fun and delicious.  I love tacos and usually just use the mix that comes with the whole complete taco dinner that you buy at the supermarket.  But I wanted to try something different and I would pay the $12.50 again because it was a nice change in flavor.  I think I'm only left with their Pulled Pork Starter to try!  Oh wait, I just checked the website and they also have a White Chili Starter.  Hope to blog about that soon!

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