Monday, April 19, 2010

Heart #70 goes to...Butterfly Petits Fours by Williams Sonoma

Heart #70 goes to...Butterfly Petits Fours by Williams Sonoma!  I think my blog is beginning to look like a Williams Sonoma catalog but I love how pretty these are.  Now that Spring has sprung, it's time to blog about pretty pastel colors and butterflies!  Although the theme of my blog tends to lean towards pinks and reds anyway, two of my favorite colors.  Aren't these delicious looking?  What a nice addition they would be to a tea party.  That's one more thing I love but haven't really blogged about...teacups!  I have such a beautiful collection and I really should post some pics of my favorite teacups.
Anyway here's the Williams Sonoma description...
Perfect with dessert wine, after-dinner coffee or afternoon tea, our petits fours come in three luscious flavors – vanilla, lemon and raspberry. Eight layers tall, they’re hand made with airy vanilla sponge cake, smooth buttercream and a top layer of marzipan, all draped in silky chocolate. The vanilla flavor is further enhanced with a layer of white chocolate ganache, the lemon with lemon curd and the raspberry with all-natural raspberry jam. The finishing touch is a hand-cut marzipan butterfly. They’re prepared for us by Dragonfly Cakes in Sausalito, California. Shipped frozen. 11 oz. (12 petits fours, four of each flavor). A Williams-Sonoma exclusive. $29.95


Daniella said...

ok yum is all I can say and I want to have a tea party. These would be perfect for so many kinds of parties.

Betty said...

What great treat for my afternoon tea!
Love that image!
Betty xx