Monday, December 13, 2010

Heart #121 goes to...the Umbra Dandisleeve

Heart #121 goes to the Umbra Dandisleeve!  How can you not want one of these?  These will certainly make my Dunkin*Donuts coffee cup look real cute.  But not only that, you can slip these on so many of your existing cups or glasses that you have at home.  It is made of a flexible, but sturdy, plastic and it sells for $4.99 at one of my absolute favorite stores...The Container Store!  They make great stocking stuffers!  The pink one in the picture is called the Dandisleeve and then they also have the Handisleeve, like the green one in the picture.  The Handisleeve also comes in black and red.


Daniella said...

cute cute~~~ I just bought a plastic cup from BB and Beyond that looked like a disposable and wonder if this could go over it to jazz it up and give it handle... I really like that about it. I think it would work.

Alice said...

They are cute -- so funny Daniella I bought the plastic throw away at BB& B to put in Anthony's stocking!