Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heart #120 goes to...Retro Handset by Yubz

Heart #120 goes to...Retro Handset by Yubz!  Don't you miss the good old days, talking on the phone with one of these?  Well, now you can talk on your cell phone with a retro handset.  Imagine what that would look like in public?

  Or riding as a passenger in a car and talking on the phone with one of these cool colored handsets?  They plug right in to your cell phone, but be sure to check the website here to make sure you have the right one.  There are five adapters included, but I think that Apple IPhone 4 needs a New Edition handset.
Oh yeah...it also reduces radiation by a minimum of 96%!!!
These handsets come in Fire Red, Florida Orange, Jet Black, Meadow Green, Orchid Purple, Chalk Pink, and Sky Blue.

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Daniella said...

love these! My girlfriend Marianne has a red corded dial phone in her kitchen and it's original! I'll have to show her these.