Monday, December 27, 2010

Heart #122 goes to...the Big Skinny Wallet

Heart #122 goes to...the Big Skinny Wallet!  I am always on the eternal quest for the wallet that is just right.  Right now, that wallet is the Big Skinny Executive Checkbook Bi-Fold Wallet with zippered pocket in pink.  I found this in a little boutique and the girl working there assured me that it was a great wallet and that every girl working there was carrying one.  She even showed me hers.  I have a bit of a wallet problem, as well as a pocketbook problem and let's be honest,  I have a problem with boots.  But, let's stick to one problem at a time.  Sometimes my wallet is so spacious and that leaves me with a whole lot of room to shove all kinds of receipts and papers in it.  That's great until I need to find something and I end up needing a file cabinet when I'm done.  There is absolutely no reason to carry that much paperwork in my wallet.  When I transferred everything into my new Big Skinny, I did have a few things left over but I quickly realized that I really didn't need them. This wallet is awesome.  It doesn't end up being big and bulky and everything fits.  It is so organized now and it has remained that way for the past month, through all of my Christmas shopping too!  Click this link and you can look at all of the different types of wallets that Big Skinny makes.  There's even a men's wallet.  The one pictured above is $25.95 and you won't be sorry.  It comes in a bunch of different colors too.

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Daniella said...

It's everything you described and more!!! I love it. It's amazing how much it holds.