Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heart #91 goes to...Crate and Barrel's Egg-Perfect Egg Timer

Heart #91 goes to...Crate and Barrel's Egg-Perfect Egg Timer!  This is the best $4.95 you will ever spend.  We love hard boiled eggs and egg salad so I use this all the time.  You simply put your eggs and this color changing egg timer in a pot, add water and start to boil.  "The timer takes into account the number of eggs, water used, altitude and your desired level of cooked egg, from soft- to hard-boiled".  As your eggs cook, the red color turns black starting from the outer edges.  I think this is great!  This makes a great stocking stuffer or wishing well gift for a bridal shower!


Daniella said...

hate to admit this but I need this.

Seattle Kim D said...

That is SO cool, I want one! I felt so embarrased around Easter as I had to google "how to make hard boiled eggs" so this will def. help in the future! :P